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Ysosrslawl / Aug 18, 2014
Sorry all I forgot over the weekend to put up our screen shot! Go ahead and shoot me if you want to :P

Well done everyone on our first kill!

It has been a good tier, with some really big rough spots and smooth spots. But we've made it! I'd like to thank everyone who stuck with us through all the crap we've had to put up with. Lets get ready to kick ass in WOD! We're 5th on realm, lets go for a US rank next round!
Ysosrslawl / Jan 01, 2014
Hello everyone!

We've recently had lots of inquiry about what we offer for Challenge Modes and Siege of Orgrimmar boss kills. Instead of having to type everything out over and over again I thought it might be easier to just type up something that explains everything you need to know.

However, if I left something out please feel free to contact me in game and I can answer whatever it may be or update the thread accordingly.

Link to thread:

Link to streams:
Ysosrslawl / Dec 08, 2013

A group of guildies and I are going to start selling 9/9 Gold challenge mode runs, Garrosh 10m N, and other instance runs (if people are interested). Each instance for a Gold completion will cost 10k per. We ask that you watch some videos on youtube by Aftermath, and have relatively decent gear. Although the stats scale down to 463, having gear with multiple sockets helps keep your primary stats high. Depending on when you are available we will do all of the instance runs between 1-2 days. Generally we spend 3-4 hours the first night getting 4-6 runs done. And the next day we'll spend up to 3 hours finishing the rest. Additionally, you don't "need" to optimize your gear set for these runs but it does help to be able to set your reforges and what not to compensate for the stat reduction.

The only days we cannot offer to sell these Challenge Mode runs are T/W/Th and some Mondays due to our normal raid nights.

As for other instance runs we are open to taking players through Siege for loot/ boss kills or achievement runs. If you are interested please feel free to contact me via in game mail or battletag: Ysosrslawl#1721.

If you'd like to see what you are getting yourself into please feel free to check out our streams for videos of previous runs.