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Guild Policies
Guild Policies and are to be followed at all times, unless some form of exception is made by Yso, the Guild Master.


No matter how well we get along, disagreements are bound to happen. If you don't agree with a guild policy or decision, talk to an Officer or post an articulate, well-reasoned explanation of your position on the guild forum. Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. Flames are not. If you have a problem with another guild member, take it to whispers or ask an Officer to step in and mediate. Don't let minor disagreements erupt into major ones, especially in guild or raid chat (nobody wants to hear it). Excessive negativity, complaints and derogatory comments about policies, players or the guild as a whole are never appropriate, least of all in guild or public chat channels.


We have a (now written) zero-tolerance policy for drama. It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong: if you instigate or perpetuate drama, you will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including demotion, suspension of privileges and/or a swift kick.


Contrary to popular belief, we are not concerned by the existence of "cliques" in the guild. We all have close friends — and in some cases, real life friends and even family — that we enjoy and perhaps even prefer to play with. That's fine. What is not fine is the exclusionary nature that these cliques tend to develop over time. When a clique:

- makes others feel unwelcome;

- hinders progression by refusing to be separated;

- inspires the perception, if not the reality, of favoritism in raid composition or loot distribution; or

- leverages the threat of a collective gquit to get what it wants at the expense of the guild's overall progression;

THEN it becomes a problem.

Goals & Expectations

We want you to want to be here! When we invited you, we invested in you, we committed to you, and we entrusted our name in your hands. What we ask for in return is simple: respect our guild name and your fellow guild members, and act in the way that we all want Of Hells Design to be known and remembered. We want progression, we wouldn't be raiding if we didn't; but we want to progress together, as a guild. We aren't gearing you up for bigger and better things; we're gearing you up so we can do bigger and better things. We aren't a stepping stone to a more advanced guild and won't tolerate being treated as such. The bottom line is this: we aren't a revolving door. If you leave the guild without giving anyone the courtesy of an explanation, or if leadership is forced to remove you for any reason, then you will not be invited to return.

Anyone who is rage logging, rage quitting, quitting during the middle of a raid etc, under any circumstances is subject to being removed from the guild at the Officer's discretion.

Our Guild Focus

First, and foremost it is to be understood by ALL members of the guild, that we are a "Serious but Casual" raiding progression guild. Meaning our primary focus is to gear up, learn, and kill raid bosses in progression through out End Game content that is current in the most recent expansion or patch. While still being casual in the sense that we will not ruin our enjoyment of the game by burning ourselves out trying to achieve high ranking kills or competing in the progression race. As a "Serious but Casual" raid group we aim to enjoy our progression while putting forth the utmost effort to achieve that progression. Laziness or unwillingness to do the work required to perform is unacceptable.


The main expectation of our Raiders is that everyone is REQUIRED to know the ins and outs of their class thoroughly. Which means, if said players plans on playing the role of a Tank, Healer, or Dps then it is expected that they will know everything necessary to be as successful as possible in that roll. Also it is expected that ALL of our Raiders will be versatile in their raiding specializations. For example; for a Hybrid class as a Druid, the player who may be preforming the primary role of a Tank, Healer, or Dps are also REQUIRED to have an additional secondary raiding specialization as either one of the other roles that is currently NOT their primary specialization. Some exceptions can be made to this as necessary.

In order to raid with the guild on our scheduled raid nights, members are required to be what is considered "raid ready". This meaning that the members in the raid are as geared as possible with regards to complete gemming of all socket-ed gear, full and correct enchantments and prior knowledge of the raiding contents boss fights.

Raiders are expected to maintain a list of "Best In Slot" items so that when they are looking to obtain gear from a raid they will already know exactly what type or specific piece of gear they need. This will help ensure that everyone is working towards getting to the peak of their raiding ability within their roles. Obviously with titanforging no exact bis list can be created but raiders are still expect to know what gear is good for them and then sim it regularly to keep up with class balance changes.

Additionally all members that are expecting to raid on scheduled raid days but are not selected for said nights raid composition will be required to stay on "standby" and reachable at any given time. If a member who is put on "standby"but does not stay online or within reachable contact with the Raid Leader and/or Officers, they will not raid the following scheduled day.

Raid invitations for that nights scheduled raid are to begin 10-15mins prior to the scheduled "Start Time" of the raid. Those who signed up will get first priority for a raid position. Those who just show up will be put last in raid position priority. The guild does not use a "first come first serve" policy. Raiders who are "no shows" after accepting a raid invitation on the calendar will not raid the following scheduled raid night.

For a player who may be running late and has accepted a raid invitation on the calendar, we will wait a MAXIMUM of ten minutes. After the allotted time has past, the player will be replaced by another member of the guild.

During a Boss encounter explanation or attempts the VOIP server will remain "clear". Meaning there will be NO unnecessary talking that can cause raiders to lose focus.

Rank Guidelines

Officers of the guild are to be respected at all times. They are an extension of the Guild Master and only enforce decisions made by the Guild master or reactive judgement based on how they are suppose to uphold guild policies. Their primary goal and focus is the health of the guild.

Any and all disputes between guild members are to be handled by Officer and the Guild Master.

Guild Bank Guidelines:
All deposited items are to be in their correct respective tabs.

Alts cannot receive materials and other items for free. Depending on what is requested from the Guild Bank, they will either have to purchase it in the amount of 1/3 or 1/2 of the Auction House price.

All materials and gear/ items given to a member MUST be for their PRIMARY raiding specialization. (Secondary specializations will depend on circumstances)

"Bind on Equip" items are for the Guild Bank to sell for Guild Bank money which goes toward purchasing various items that are in demand for the bank and its members. Unless otherwise classified as a "Best In Slot" items for a specific role.

For BOE profession patterns there will be specific players in the guild who will be given the privilege to obtain certain patterns if they have the required profession and IF there is a Duplicate one that has dropped or one is already been purchased, it will be resold to recupe guild bank funds.

Patterns are only given to players that have proven themselves to be reliable and a core member of our main raiding team.

**The Guild Master reserves the right to adjust and modify each policy as necessary to ensure that each can continue to be fair. Certain circumstances will apply for each individual situation. Policy changes will be discussed and updates will be announced during the beginning of raid time, a guild meeting, or announced through the Guild Message Of The Day.**